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Why you should include Facebook in your advertising package

Many analysts suggest that “social” is the future of the online advertising, and with good reason. The general concept is that recommendations
from friends and companies alike are more likely to result in a sale than other forms of advertising.

There are over a billion active Facebook users, many of which log in several times a day and spend a lot of time on the network, but the main
advantage is that Facebook allows you to reach the right audience.

Facebook users fill in a lot of information about themselves, from basic information like where they live, their gender and age etc… but additionally
a user likes different pages, has different interests and is part of a network of friends, all of which is vital information when you’re planning to
advertise on this social network – an advertiser can be quite specific when deciding who to buy Facebook ads for.

Targeted Marketing

Whilst Google may find more active buyers, Facebook lets you filter your audience by location, gender, and age which in turn can result in higher
than average yields as you are specifically targeting people likely to buy instead of broadcasting your message to the general public.
(Facebook ads yield average 300%-500% ROI. Source: Datalogix)

Targeting types:

Added benefits

Social media and exposure go hand-in-hand. When a user clicks on your ad and “Likes” your business’s page, it shows up as a story on their
friends’ news feed. This has the potential to massively increase your business’s exposure.

Lets take an example:- Between the ages of 17 – 19 many teenagers start to learn to drive, and will often comment on their experiences on their Facebook page. Likewise, if they have a good instructor they will share this with their friends, who are all likely to be around the same age and potential customers for the instructor. Actively engaging in social media for this type of business is a must, done properly it should be the most cost effective and beneficial form of marketing possible.

Our view:

For most business types social media advertising is too important to ignore, however in our experience companies don’t have the time or
expertise to run an effective campaign. We don’t suggest that you should cease to use Adwords, but your marketing budget should ideally
incorporate Facebook. Npwebservices can set up and manage your Facebook advertising strategy and provide a full report on its performance.

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