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Web Video Production

We make quality, tailor made web videos that don’t cost £1000’s to produce. Our flexible video packages are designed to suit any type of business, starting from as little as £499.00+VAT for a minute long video with a professional voiceover.

Don’t just let your potential customers read about your business… SHOW THEM!

With the explosion in social media websites such as Facebook and YouTube more and more people are watching and sharing web videos online. Many businesses are already using video within their marketing and this is set to increase in the future.

Using a web video to promote your business is a proven and effective way of helping you to stand out from your competitors and increase the conversion rate of your website. It can also on occasion improve search engine ranking.

Three good reasons to add video to your website:

Example Motion Video

Example Custom Video

Outstanding Value for Money

video We produce a Motion Video that simulates the movement of your images to create a high quality video.

only £499 +VAT

Motion Video Package includes:

Custom Videos

We have the resources to produce anything from a TV quality broadcast, to a “meet the team” or a “tutorial” video. Whatever your requirements we can help.

Please contact us for a bespoke quotation

Custom Video Package includes:

Terms & Conditions

All confirmed video orders will be subject to these Terms & Conditions

You should only submit an order to us if these Terms & Conditions are acceptable to you without modification. Once confirmation has been received from you, whether verbal or written, we will confirm your order by email at which point our agreement begins

It is your responsibility to provide all information or materials reasonably requested by us on time and in the correct format.

Once we have sent you the script to approve, you have a 14 day review period to make any amends. Failure to contact us within this period could result in the cancellation of your order and an invoice being raised for 50% of the total balance as stated in our Cancellation Policy

Following a notification email from us that your video is ready to view,there will be a 14 Day Review Period in which you may request amendments to the video. Videos are deemed approved after the expiry of the 14 Day Review Period at which point the video will be made live on our YouTube Channel and an invoice sent for the full balance. The video 14 Day Review Period will commence from the date of receipt of the notification email that the video is ready to be reviewed

Cancellation Policy

Should you wish to cancel your video order with us you will need to do this within 24 hours of receiving the confirmation email. You can let us know by phone or email. Any cancellations after this will result in a charge as we would have already started to produce your video:

  • 50% of the total balance if you cancel your video after 24 hours if we have not sent you the first draft of your video

  • 75% of the total balance if you cancel your video after the first draft has been sent to you

Production Schedule

Upon receipt of your order we will begin writing the script within 48 hours, then send via email for approval. When approved the script will be recorded by our professional voiceover artist. If you are supplying us with your own content/script and images then we ask you to
send this across to us within 5 working days.

We aim to have the draft version of your video finished and a link sent to you by email within 7-10 days (provided we have all of the content/script and images) Once you receive the link, please watch the video at your earliest opportunity and let us know if you are happy or if any amendments are required.

Please remember that there is a 14 day review period (from the date you receive the link) in which you should make us aware of any amendments or the video will be automatically approved and go live.

If any amendments need to be made then these will be finished within 48 hours and a link to your final video sent to you for approval. Once you are 100% happy with the final version of the video we will make it live on our YouTube channel and invoice you for the full balance.
Payment of the invoice should be made within 7 working days. Once payment is received we will either:

1) Send you the MP4 file of your video by email.or

2) Publish the video to your website (assuming we design it)

Please be aware that due to the size of the video file this is usually done through a simple file download process

Amendment Policy

While there is no upper limit to the amount of amendments to be made to your video, if we believe at our absolute discretion, that your amendment requirements are becoming unreasonable then we may advise you of that fact. Should we continue to receive an unreasonable amount of amendments then we may decide to cancel your order We reserve the right to cancel your video order at any time with no cost to yourself

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