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Article by admin
Posted on Jul February 17, 2017

What’s changed…
Google Chrome has started to explicitly label websites as ‘Not Secure’ if they do not have an SSL certificate. This means visitors will see an alert if a page they are viewing is not considered safe. In this first update, Chrome will mark pages that collect personal information such as credit card details and passwords but eventually all standard HTTP pages will appear as ‘Not Secure’.

What effect will it have
1) If you leave your site unsecured the notification could make people reluctant to visit it, resulting in loss of business.

2) Google use secure, encrypted connections as a ranking signal, meaning they will favour secure websites over those without SSL protection.

The Solution – Protect your site & visitors
To make your site secure you’ll need an SSL certificate. Npwebservices can arrange the certificate and carry out the necessary integration to your website. Please call us on 0203 002 0710 or email

More details
Google have made this change as any site that loads over a HTTP connection can be intercepted and personal details can be stolen. With an SSL certificate, of which there are many different types, data passed between your website and your customers is fully encrypted and therefore safer. A lock icon appears in the address bar proving your connection is secure. This icon is there to instil user confidence and trust in your website. Only sites with SSL certificates will display this symbol of security. The certificate also verifies that your domain is genuine and not a scam.

Example of notifications:


Comment form Npwebservices
All clients with websites that are e-commerce and take payments via an integrated payment gateways are secure and already hold an SSL certificate. We are now recommending an SSL certificate is applied to all customers websites, especially if the website has a form that encourages web visitors to enter their personal details.

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