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Sponsored Links – Pay per Click

Google sponsored links allow you to effectively select where and when you appear within the section above and to the right of the natural search results. Commonly the first three listings appear at the top of the search page (highlighted yellow) with up to another eight down the right hand side.

The main benefit is that your listing only appears within a catchment area of your choice and only to people who are specifically looking for services you offer. Meaning that nearly every visitor to your website is a potential customer, bar the odd canvasser!

Npwebservices create Google accounts on behalf of our clients and provide ongoing management and reporting.

Sponsored links are very flexible, you are not committed to a contract of any length and you only pay a designated amount when a potential customer is looking at your website. Basically you select a monthly budget you’d like to invest with Google then leave the rest to us to obtain as many visitors to your website as your budget allows.

Unlike many re-sellers Npwebservices do not place a mark up your click cost. You pay Google directly via direct debit and receive cost price clicks.

The budget required to appear effectively varies from industry to industry. Npwebservices can provide an accurate estimate for your business type and give you a clear indication of what you can expect by way of results.

How it works – Example

For ease of calculation lets say you choose a monthly advertising budget of £100 to spend on Google sponsored links. This equates to £3.30 per day. When someone clicks on your link and is directed through to your website, it will cost you a designated amount depending on the keyword and what cap has been set within your account. To keep it simple let say in this scenario it’s 33 pence.

Therefore you could achieve 10 visitors to your site at 33pence per time, hence spending your £3.30. Your link would then not be shown for the rest of that day, but re-appear the following day until a further ten visitors to your site has been amassed and so on. Hence over the course of a month your £100 would have produced in the region of 300 visitors to your website.

There are many other parameters to take into account such as levels of competition driving up the cost of each click, as a rough rule of thumb if your average job value is high you can expect to pay more per click due to economic forces. The above scenario is a very simplified example, for a bespoke evaluation of what sponsored links could achieve for your business please call us on 020 3002 0710.

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