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Reputation Management

negative Negative reviews can be very damaging and costly. Loss of custom is highly likely if your company has negative reviews or postings that are highly visible on the internet.

We can help reduce the damage caused by negative postings that rank highly when searches are conducted for your company or brand name.

Removing the negative pages can be difficult, but it is not impossible. The most effective way to remove negative content is by targeted use of
Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Social Media Marketing to move the offending pages down in search engine rankings to lower pages,
where they will be viewed much less frequently. In some cases we are able to completely remove the negative listings altogether.

There are several methods available to diminish offending listings, such as building several blogs or mini-pages for your company. Link building can
also be used to elevate these blogs / mini-pages ahead of the negative pages, thus reducing the negative impact.

Another aspect of Reputation Management involves Social Media Marketing. We can build social media profiles on major social media sites with
optimized content to enhance reputation.

The legal alternative

You might want to consider sending out cease & desist letters to review sites carrying the negative listings. Most postings are anonymous so it unlikely you’ll be able to sue, hence “cease and desist” is your best alternative.

Every case is different. For expert advice please call us on 0203 002 0710

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